Nov 30th 2012 – It was a long journey from the hot desert to ‘Autódromo Internacional do Algarve’ for Kuwaiti driver Khaled Al Mudhaf as he made his way to test the new spec 2013 Nissan Nismo GT3 GTR with JRM.

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The weather didn’t look too favourable in the Portimao circuit as he set out on his sighting laps on the cold 10deg and damp 4.6 km track with JRM test driver Peter Dumbreck.

After surveying the track for the first time the G-Force Autoworx CEO was naturally impressed with the technicality of the track.

“It’s a great track with roller coaster style dips and inclines, i really like it and so far its my favourite of all the tracks ive visited.” said Khaled.

Through Sunday and Monday the Scottish driver worked on the aerodynamics, the suspension and the car’s performance on Michelin tyres.

“This car is a halfway stage between the 2012 and the 2013 model. We haven’t all the updates of the car here, such as the engine. The chassis is also not yet the final version. With the new engine and chassis, the car is much faster, lighter and also easier to drive. At the moment, we have the new aerodynamics on the car, different dampers compared to the 2012 version, and we are using Pirelli tyres on the car for the first time. We are working with the set-up, but from what I was able to test also with a 2012 version we have here, the new car is a couple of seconds faster. It’s still in an early development stage, we still have a lot of work to do, and the new engine will only be available in Europe in January. Nevertheless, I see a bright future for this car,” said Peter Dumbreck.

For 2013 the promises to be highly competitive, fighting for the wins in GT3 championships worldwide it deputed this March, and has brought race victories from across the globe. The car has outperformed the competition at this year’s Super GT series (GT 300 class), Super Taikyu (GT3 class), British GT Championship and GT Cup. Using a combination of track, dyno and customer feedback, NISMO has developed the 2013 spec car to enhance its competitiveness and performance.

“The 2013 car incorporates a range of engine upgrades primarily designed to increase durability and performance. Specific changes include revised camshaft timing,” adds Dexter. “New ‘canards’, enlarged cooling apertures together with an optimised rear wing position form part of a package to improve front/rear aero balance, whilst also increasing down force. It makes the car both a cost-effective and competitive car that can be used in a growing number of championships.” says Mark Dexter, JRM’s sales manager.

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“The car is eligible for a number of championships including, Blancpain Endurance Series, European GT3 and British GT Championships, ADAC GT Masters, Britcar, 24hrs series in Dubai, Barcelona and Bathurst to name a few, commented Khaled.

“We are looking at a few options for racing next season and with this car it’s given me every confidence of a good performance, this weekend I’m pleased with my pace and lap times, compared with Peter and there’s a lot more to come yet with the upgrades next year so it’s really a very exciting car, we are hoping to be very competitive” he continued.